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5 Benefits of Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Learn how your local chamber can create business contacts, increase credibility, expand your network, provide resources, and support professional development.

A chamber of commerce is an integrated business network that works toward the common interests of small businesses in local areas across the United States. Your local chamber of commerce can offer visibility, credibility, support, and more for your new or growing business.

Here are five reasons why joining a chamber of commerce can be the best thing you do for your business — and how to sign up for your local chamber.

It helps you make business contacts
When you decide to join a local chamber, you automatically open up yourself — and your business — to a network of potential partnerships. Business contacts from your local chamber could become the supportive community you turn to one day for assistance or vice versa. In addition, your new business contacts may be the people who serve as your sounding board for new ideas, come up with solutions to internal business problems, and even partner with you on a new endeavor.

It increases your credibility
Belonging to a chamber gives your business a leg up compared to those who are not members. A company with this level of credibility becomes desirable to consumers, increasing the likeliness they’ll seek out your goods or services in the future. Compare belonging to a chamber as you would having a college degree when applying for a job; it tells your future employer — or consumer — you know what you are doing.

While your business's positive perception increases, so will your profits as you establish credibility and brand recognition within your industry. Your membership dues could potentially pay for themselves thanks to the influx in your consumer base.

It expands your network
As your local chamber continues to grow, so will your network. The chamber will hold networking opportunities allowing you to get to know community members, fellow business owners, and other professionals in your industry. While the events can range from formal to fun, each will allow you to make new connections and foster additional exposure for your business. Your business's relationships and possible expansion through a local chamber network will often be unmatched.


It provides key business resources
Your local chamber can make a great marketing resource for your company via avenues like its newsletter, website, social media, and more. In addition to networking events, chambers often hold events, such as "power lunches," where members can pick up new skills or techniques. These types of events can offer resources for advancement for all your employees.

It supports your professional development
Most chambers of commerce host events and training sessions geared toward professional development. By providing these opportunities for you and your business's growth, the chamber creates an avenue for you to improve skills and gain knowledge without breaking your company's budget. Taking advantage of the chamber’s professional development opportunities will help your business make necessary changes, share its expertise with others, and grow.


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